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Full Version: King of the Court
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There is a fun way for multiple courts to play together called King of the Court (KotC).

I'll try to explain how it works, assuming that there are three courts playing KotC together.

All three courts will begin games at the same time. At some point there will be a winning team and losing team for every court. The winning teams will move towards the "winning side", and the losing teams will move towards the "losing side". The teams will split up, taking different sides of the net. All courts will have four new players, and a fresh set of games is played.
In order to keep things moving along, the games aren't all played to 11. Usually, the games will end when one court has reached 11, and another court has reached 9. The winners on the other courts are decided by whichever team has the highest score when we get the 11 and 9 combo.

Of course, if you win and you're already on the winning court, you simply stay there. The same happens if you lose on the losing court.

That is a bit more complicated than normal play but is kind of fun for everyone and also tends to allow players to play against people of a similar level to them.

This works best when you have the same (12, or 16, or 20...) people the whole time. Adding new people in makes it more complicated, and might not be a wise idea. If we are playing KotC and adding new people, we should probably do it four at a time, or add people when we have other people leaving.