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Full Version: Snow removal
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What a crazy year! Shoveling courts in January. I'm not sure we will see this again in our lifetimes.

I've learned one important lesson about snow removal. It needs to come off right away, or it turns to ice and the job gets much harder.

If it snows at Leslie Park, it would be super helpful if we could get people there the same day and clear the courts as much as possible. Many hands make light work and all that.

I've had a number of people express their gratitude for having clear courts. I do appreciate the thanks, but what would be even more appreciated is to pitch in if you're able.

Hopefully we can keep it going all Winter with a little luck and a team effort.

Oh, and of course I should mention that Rick Billau is by far the most heroic court cleaner that we have. He's a man with a mission, he's an unsung hero but songs will be written in his honor. "Rick Billau - the Cleaner"